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#1 Posted : Saturday, January 11, 2020 1:28:22 AM(UTC)

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An older (okay, really old) washer is leaking, but ONLY Hot water.
I normally wash on "Warm," but the couple times I washed a "Hot" load, there was a puddle of water to the right-front of the machine. When I wipe it up, it doesn't seem to go back very far, but it must be running from under the washer to that spot.
The handyman swapped out the Intake Hoses and told me it was fixed. He said it was just an old Hose that was leaking. It seemed odd to me that I hadn't seen any water on the Hoses when checking, but...okay. As there were clothes in it when he came by, he probably didn't test it. I later ran a "Hot" load and...water puddle.
I haven't been able to see behind or under the machine, but have crawled on top while it fills, to watch for water on the back. I've never seen any--not at the wall Hose Connections, not on the back of the machine (running down), and not on the floor behind. I can't see the Hose Connections ON the machine, because on this model, they go into a recessed area (on the right-side [from the front] and towards the top of the cabinet).
As it didn't make sense that it would leak ONLY when I filled a "Hot" load, I'm assuming it leaks EVERY time I use the hot water, but when I run "Warm," there isn't enough hot water being pulled into the machine for enough to leak so it will puddle where I'd notice it. I suppose this reasoning could also apply to the Cold water--that there just isn't enough being pulled in for enough to leak to be able to see it. But I use a Cold rinse, and haven't ever noticed standing water during the Rinse Fill.
Oh--I see the leaked water during/shortly after the Wash Fill. Never any other time. So it's not leaking from the Tub, or the Drain Hose, or any part of the Drain System (I don't think).
All this leads me to think it must be the Water Inlet Valve. I've read the other posts here that talk about a leak with only one water temp, and they mostly back that up. (Some talk of an Injector, which this model doesn't seem to have. Fortunately, apparently.) I thought maybe the Hot side is plugged, or partially plugged, and the water is backing up and somehow running down through the cabinet and out the bottom.
My Dad pulled the Inlet Valve (I wasn't there, of course, so I couldn't look at anything). It looks fine. The screens look fine. He said he didn't see anything around it or inside the cabinet that would indicate a water trail. The only weird thing is that the Solenoid on the Hot side can be pulled off, but the Solenoid on the Cold side can't be. I told him we could test the continuity, but he didn't think it was worth the bother.
So my questions--
Does it seem the leak will be resolved by replacing the Water Inlet Valve (#285805, AP#3094541)?
Does it come with new screens inside it (I think I can see them in the pics)?
Is there anything else that I should replace at the same time? (The Hoses, now, are fairly new. They don't have screens in them, so I could get those. They're also missing the washers, so I'll get those. I suppose THAT'S where it's leaking--inside that recessed area so I can't see it. But then why only the Hot?)
What about the Water Temperature Sensor, or the Sensor Hose? I don't know HOW either of those could cause a one-temp-only leak...but that's why I'm here. (Yes, the Fill water in the Tub is hot on "Hot", cold on "Cold," and warm on "Warm.")
The Fill Hose isn't available anywhere. Dad brought here still attached to the Inlet Valve, and it looks okay. I might soak it in some vinegar water to make sure there's no build-up inside it.
What SIZE is that Hose, so I could order a new clamp? The old clamp is the 'pinch-kind' and it works REALLY hard. I'd like to replace it with the other kind.

Thank you for any help/advice!

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