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#1 Posted : Saturday, February 3, 2018 10:29:55 AM(UTC)

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Hi there friends.... I was hoping that y'all might be kind enough to assist me in diagnosing some issues I'm having with this Whirlpool WTW5200VQ2 washer... I know it's not the best unit out there but I got it for a steal at Lowes scratch n dent... The thing worked fine at first but a few years ago I started noticing a couple things that I presumed were not proper operating procedure but I guess I was too 'lazy' to investigate and address them... Now all of a sudden I have 4 issues that need attention... The first issue here was the breaking point that made me get off my butt to try and figure out what needed fixing or if it's too far gone and I need to get rid of it...
If it's possible (and not $ dumb) I'd rather fix it due to the hassle of removing and replacing since getting it outside will be a real challenge...... So anyway here I go...

#1: Cold water will not shut off when water level reaches proper level and machine starts agitating.... Turning power off has no effect and water continues flowing until closed at valve... When this problem first started happening in December, the water would shut off a couple seconds after agitation began... That turned into several seconds which soon turned into almost a full minute and now it will not stop at all without main valve action... upon troubleshooting, I determined that if it's on hot only setting, with cold main off, the washer fills, stops, and agitates properly....
My guess would be that the washer's cold fill valve is bad but that guess is just from a couple hours research I did today since I knew absolutely nothing about washing machine internals... I did take the body off the unit and checked the pressure hose which appears in good order.......

#2: A few years back, the washer would occasionally start spinning immediately or within 2 seconds of the commencement of tub draining... At first this rarely happened and when it did happen it would only do so under a very small light load... This started happening more frequently last year and would sometimes occur with a full tub of water although it was still somewhat sporadic.... Now it happens every time on every cycle no matter how heavy the load is...... I have no clue what problem is here.....

#3: A couple years ago, at the end of spin cycle, the tub started occasionally hard stopping... Stopping instantly and with a giant jerking and loud clunk... This still only happens occasionally and usually only with a light load or no load and I cringe every time it happens because I know this cant be good for the machine....

#4: The knob that pulls out to start the washer is connected to the dial (or whatever its called) with 4 little plastic tits- two on each side... one side has somehow broken off and now we must start unit by pulling out only the side of the knob that is still connected which is very annoying and will possibly cause the 'good' side to break off as well... I was thinking about permanently gluing or epoxying it on there but was afraid that doing so might affect or make impossible the later removal of anything on the selector....

woe is me... lol
Seriously though I do apologize for the long rambling post and would greatly appreciate any and all opinions and advice....
btw I'm somewhat old school and don't have any instant mobile notifications like most do these days so it may take a bit for me to get back to the computer to reply to any replies.....
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