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tester22 Posted: Wednesday, December 6, 2023 4:25:41 AM(UTC)
Once I install this Mixing Valve.

--Is this Mixing Valve by default set to 50% Cold water & 50% Hot water or do I have to do some adjustment according to my requirement like I need 40% Cold water & 60% Hot water releasing from Mixing Valve to maintain all Sink & Bathtub having Hot water.

--I have to adjust to mix 60% Hot water & 40% cold water by removing green cap. So while adjusting water mixing, do I have to Turn Off Cold & Hot water Shut Off Valves OFF or I can leave it ON while adjusting Water Mixing adjustment doing on Mixing valve.
tester22 Posted: Tuesday, December 5, 2023 9:01:57 AM(UTC)
Hi guys, I have 3/4" PEX and my Mixing Valve says ZURN WILKINS ZW1017XL, but can I install ZURN WILKINS 34-ZW1017XLC on my BOSCH Tank less Water Heater. And I am attaching Photos on my System & I am attaching Photos of a Mixing Valve which I am planing to buy, please have a look in Photos.

The reason I am changing Mixing valve, because it is build lot of Calcium inside it & it is Block.