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Guest Posted: Saturday, December 3, 2022 12:53:02 AM(UTC)
My washer will only fill the very bottom of the tub. Doesn’t matter what setting you put it on, it will only do the lowest. After searching the web, I found out this is a pretty common problem. But my issue is slightly different. Most complaints are of washers over filling. Mine is under filling. The consensus was to clean out the ‘airdrome’. I didn’t check the inlet valves, I went straight to the dome. So many ppl were having this problem I figured I should go there first. To test the pressure switch, I turned on the washer, unplugged the tube that’s connected to the airdrome, and blew into it. The washer immediately stopped filling. That eliminated the switch being the culprit.

Upon inspection, the air dome is completely clogged. The tube is spotless. At least on the bottom end it is. I didn’t bother to look at the top side. I did what others did, and sprayed a can of compressed air down the extremely narrow opening. I also put some vinegar in it for a few minutes. Just abt everyone said that did the trick for them. For me, it helped but not very much. You can still see there’s junk in it. So I turned it on to see if it would fill up to the proper amounts, and got mixed results. I’m wondering if it’s because I can’t get all junk out. It’s weird…after the compressed air, I can now get the water to raise up higher, but abt halfway through the overall cycle, when it gets to, I think the wash part, it just freezes up and doesn’t do anything else. Unless it’s supposed to take a few minutes or something. This isn’t my washer, it’s a family members so I’m new to this. Tomorrow I’m going to try another regular sized load. Maybe I’ll do a load with really hot water. I read you should do that once in a while to help clear things up.

My question: can a blocked airdrome cause this issue as well. Where the water stops filling at the lowest level? I feel like it has to since just me doing a quick spray of compressed air helped get the water level up. Also, can you guys (and girls) give me some tips for cleaning the dome out completely? One little red straw will only clear (I’m guessing) a straight line. I need to get all of it out, I think. Could I drill a small hole, and then glue it back with strong epoxy glue? I don’t get how so many ppl said this worked for them. You can barely squeeze a needle through that opening 😄

My model GTWN4250D1WS GE