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dbdata Posted: Monday, September 26, 2022 4:09:02 PM(UTC)
Another one. This one is a GX5FHDXVQ01 french door bottom freezer unit. This one is much more conventional in that it has a single system (only one evaporator coil) rather than a dual system like "the other refrigerator."

Last week the temperature in the freezer kept creeping up (reported by the foods getting softer). Each time .. she lowered the freezer (colder) one step, but today the freezer was room temp and the food spoiled. I cleaned it out and set a mechanical thermometer in the fridge and freezer.

Since this was still the factory-sealed system, my plan was to open the system, replace the dryer, install the schrader valves, evacuate the system and observe the vacuum level for 24 hours and then presumably add refrigerant, turn it on and be skeptical for the next 6 months.

With one thing or another, errands and such, I came back to start the project two hours later and the FRIDGE temp was 38 and the FREEZER was 26. Perfect.

The only thing I did was ... when I pulled the unit out from the wall, I unplugged it and immediately plugged it into an extension cord plugged into the same wall outlet.

What we in the computer biz call a Microsoft Repair: just reset it.

I'll run the diagnostics, but I'm betting they'll ace it. Could this be a weak compressor? How would I know? How could I check any of that?

What should I do next (Ignore the problem and hope if goes away comes to mind) ?