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thorning Posted: Thursday, September 22, 2022 8:05:59 AM(UTC)
The above dryer with s/n M21502980 was given to me for possible repair. The problem as described by the previous owner is that it would not heat but it would turn the drum and blow air. The unit was taken apart after checking all the obvious areas including the heating coil, all thermostats and the thermal fuse. No problems were noted in those items. The timer was removed and dismantled and contacts for several connectors were noted to be burned at the button area . These were the connections for the heavy wires that provide power for the heater coil. it was noted that the timer motor for this timer device is made by INVENSYS and is a 230 volt type. Almost all of the older dryers use a timer motor that runs off 110 volt. I have many of these older configuration timers in good condition and would like to use one on this Amana dryer but need advice if anyone can help about the hookup. The INVENSYS model uses 3 or 4 plug type connectors plus one individual connection for a total of 10 connections. In addition to the problem of providing 110 volts for the timer motor I need help to define what the connections would be on a typical electric schematic for an older dryer timer unit. Any help would be appreciated.