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bustedstuff Posted: Wednesday, June 29, 2022 6:12:15 AM(UTC)
As a followup to my previous post regarding our GE dishwasher; GE did send a wiring diagram 5 days after I emailed them but by then I had found one. I could find no in depth information on troubleshooting the main control board other than running the internal diagnostic on the machine which kept telling me it was reading the door switch open. I had continuity all the way through the switch and wiring harness to the main board connector so I knew it was working. Do to the odd symptoms I took an educated guess, also known as the WAG method which I hate throwing expensive parts at things to see what happens but, got a new main control board and installed it. Unit is happily running a load of dishes as I type.Wife VERY happy. Hope this helps some other poor slob sitting cross leg in front of his dishwasher with a confused look on his face. Good luck, Bustedstuff.
bustedstuff Posted: Wednesday, June 22, 2022 10:17:29 AM(UTC)
Dishwasher has power and panel lights are on. When start button is pushed it flashes continuously and beeps 3 times every minute. Ran Error Codes, indicated door switch not closed. Door switch and it's wiring harness all check out good to mult-pin connector at main control board. Washer cycle was stopped during a lightening storm and was subject to either a power outage or voltage problem. I suspect the main control board was damaged but can't confirm that. I shows no physical damage. How can I confirm the status of main control board without just swapping it out? I have been waiting 3 days for GE help website to answer my questions. Does anyone have any suggestions? I tried several times to reboot it by tuning off the power for 5+ minutes with no change, control still thinks the door switch is not closed.Thanks