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jlongo7000 Posted: Friday, November 19, 2021 12:48:58 PM(UTC)
Hi im having trouble diagnosing my whirlpool duet steam washer shutting off randomly when it feels like it. Model # is WFW97HEXW0. Sometimes the machine works perfectly for days and then for a week straight it will shut off or pause the cycle between 5-20 mins into it and when you keep trying eventually it will work. i have checked hose filters for restrictions and look good. Cleared bottom filter under the tub. Unplugged and electric greased all the connectors on the UI, CCU and basically every other connector i could get too easily. After no luck being able to use it consistently i bought the ccu because it was giving me all sorts of random error codes. The codes would change. Codes that came up were F5E1, f0E0, And the final code before replacing ccu was F6E2. At this point im at a loss, i thought about replacing the door switch because i was reading people were having problems with it but i also read that when those people were having that problem their door was being stuck on lock. Which when mine stops it unlocks every time so i didnt replace that. Also to note sometimes when it stops during a cycle it will say add garmets on the screen. PLEASE HELP WITH THE NEXT STEPS TO TAKE