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Last 10 Posts (In reverse order)
cdnfamilyguy Posted: Thursday, October 28, 2021 6:36:33 AM(UTC)
Thank you so much! I ordered the part this morning.
ThatGuy Posted: Wednesday, October 27, 2021 1:31:33 PM(UTC)
Sounds like it might be the main board. I would check for power at the main board and for burnt or melted connectors. If you have power up to the main board , but still no go, then its probably time for a new board.



cdnfamilyguy Posted: Wednesday, October 27, 2021 4:49:41 AM(UTC)
Still looking for a solution. Thank you
cdnfamilyguy Posted: Monday, October 25, 2021 4:37:07 AM(UTC)
I own a portable GE dishwasher, model: GLD5604V00WW
It has stopped working during the first rinse cycle and will not power on, no lights on display, no audio chimes.
I have of course checked power source, used a voltage tester to check power supply to the appliance and internal wires. All appear to be getting power.
I have changed both switch interlock switches, which resolved the issue the last time I had the same issue. But not this time.
I cannot figure out what the issue is. Possibly main control board?
Can you help?? Thank you so much!