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Guest Posted: Wednesday, July 21, 2021 6:21:52 AM(UTC)
I have a Frigidaire Upright Freezer, model FFH17F7H. It abruptly started beeping for a high temperature alert and didn't seem to be cooling properly. The compressor was running and I felt cold air but the fan wasn't running, so I replaced that and now the freezer cooled perfectly, BUT the temperature display on the control panel would show that the temperature was still high. When I plugged the unit in, it strated to cool and the display showed it cooling, but when the temperature hit about 25 degrees the display would indicate the temperature was going back up and would usually settle around 35. However, the temperature actually kept going down, all the way to -10 degrees F, and the fan and compressor would constantly run.

I suspected the control panel and ordered that replacement. I installed it and got the SAME results (interior temperature is actually -10 degrees but the display shows 30 degrees F).

What is going on here? Was it the thermistor all along? It's a cheap part so I'm going to replace regardless but a little annoyed that I bought a $150 part that was perfectly fine to begin with. I suspect the fan failed because it was running 24/7 since the panel was always calling for cooling since it's getting the wrong temperature. Thoughts? Could it be something else altogether?