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Guest Posted: Thursday, June 10, 2021 5:19:28 PM(UTC)
The led lights in freezer not working at all and both sets of lights in refrigerator only partly working. Test if refrigerator seems ok. Is this led light packs or light control board?
ohm Posted: Thursday, June 10, 2021 12:44:26 PM(UTC)
This board does exactly what is happening with your Refrigerator. 240554501 NLA But there is a guy on e bay that has a makeover that works!
Amazon to!
DIY Newbie Posted: Wednesday, June 9, 2021 4:55:56 PM(UTC)
My Frigidaire PLHS267ZCB3 (FFHS2622MS?)side by side has had this issue for over a year: the evaporator fan starts and stops continuously. The fan starts to spin and as soon as it spins a few rotations quickly, it stops - and over again. It's as if it gets 1-second power surges.

We replaced the evaporator fan motor, and the thermostat, and also tested their voltage first and found they work fine as individual parts, so we can eliminate those as the sources. When I place my hand on the air damper on the refrigerator side, with every surge of the evaporator fan from the freezer side, I feel a puff of cold air. Only a short puff. In the freezer, the back panel and the coils behind it quickly build up with frost and require a hair dryer to defrost.

The freezer stays cold, but the refrigerator does not stay cold enough to keep food from spoiling.

I am wondering if the issue could be the adaptive defrost control? Or a defrost timer control board? Maybe the control board is not telling the evaporator fan to stay on? We have checked the wiring coming from the evaporator fan and all is well there.

I cannot find any videos related to this, because all videos begin with disconnecting the fridge from electricity, which of course stops the evaporator fan from operating. I also can't find definitive information to convince my husband that the evaporator fan is supposed to run for longer than a one-second surge.

I appreciate your help!