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Catherine57 Posted: Tuesday, May 4, 2021 2:10:27 PM(UTC)
We put our house on the market, it got snapped up and is under contract (Yay!), but ..... the a/c is not working. We have to get it fixed. It is an LG LMU360CE with three indoor units. We've only run one of the three the last few years since the kids have moved out and we don't use the bedrooms much except around Christmas.

We have had a very nice ac guy come out and work on it, but he needs a part that his supplier says is unavailable. It is an LEV. LG makes a different style of control system now, and the supplier says the new parts aren't compatible with the old system. Well, fine, but where can I get one of these old parts? The rest of the system is fine. No leaks. Both the compressors run. Everything else checks out.

I find it astonishing that we would have to throw away the entire old system because of one valve. I looked at the Appliance Parts Pros website and there seems to be valves available for most of the LG parts listed under LMU360CE. However, I cannot tell if any of them are the LEV.

Any advice, suggestions? Ultimately I suppose we have to buy a new system and throw this one away.

Thanks in Advance,