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williamlee Posted: Wednesday, April 7, 2021 4:58:55 PM(UTC)
Hi there-

I was looking for some advice on the most likely cause behind a LSQ8243HQ0 Whirlpool Ultimate Care II Washer not spinning. It agitates and pumps but will not spin at all. I could also detect a slight smell when it was running during the spin cycle. When it should be spinning, there is background hum of some sort.

Prior to it now not spinning at all, in the recent past if I turned the tub a little by hand during the spin cycle and closed the lid, it would start spinning again.

I'm not sure if it's normal but when I try to spin the tub by hand, it takes quite a bit of effort to get it to turn.

I've taken the main housing off of the washer, and also noticed that there is a bit of oil on the underside of the transmission, but not enough to where it dripped onto the floor.

Based on research online, it seems like it could be the clutch or the transmission. I wanted to see if any of the experts thought one more likely than the other or if there is anything I can do on my own to troubleshoot further.

I was also thinking it might just be worth trying to replace the clutch to start with since the transmission is a significantly more expensive item, but again looking for any advice from those in the know.

Also, this may be a dumb question, but I notice what I originally thought was a belt dropped down off of a structure near the clutch assembly. What exactly is this for? I pulled it back up but was curious. It is just a bumper of some sort?