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Donan Posted: Sunday, September 20, 2020 10:03:22 AM(UTC)
Model #SHE43RL5UC/64 Bosch dishwasher

Hello. I have a 7 year old Bosch dishwasher that needs some repair - I just don’t know what.


Cycle times are excessively long. 3 hours for a half load. Even then the dishwasher lags for another 15-30 mins after timer for end of wash is down to 1 minute.

Dishes are not clean nor dry at end of wash. Sometimes soap doesn’t dispense or does not dissolve if dispensed.

If I open dishwasher during wash then water temp is lukewarm at best. Not hot. Limited steam.

What I have tried:

Replaced control board. I thought it was due to dishwasher not cycling to next step in wash. This repair did not help.

Replaced Turbidity sensor. I was told if sensor is bad then it will think water / dishes are still not clean and keep running. This repair also did not help.

Replaced Heat Element. I was told if water isn’t hot enough then dishes will not clean and washer will keep running. So I replaced the heat element with new one which included a new thermistor and a new turbidity sensor. This repair also did not help.

At this point I am a bit perplexed and frustrated. What else could go wrong? Could it be the water inlet valve?

Note that my washer is connected to the cold water supply and I cannot change that unless I redo some of the piping by the sink. But it worked fine for 7 years so not sure why I would need to bother with that now. Or maybe better to buy new I found on the good examples, it's great that they can wash glasses for wine.

Any advice or help would greatly be appreciated.