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Guest Posted: Wednesday, October 13, 2021 4:24:48 PM(UTC)
I'm having this same issue. So if I'm reading this correctly, you replaced the mechanism that auto locks the door for the self cleaning function ?
erikd Posted: Thursday, June 7, 2018 6:22:57 AM(UTC)
Once again I'll answer my own question for any other poor soles owning a Dacor oven. Turns out the problem was the door locking mechanism. The cam that operates the locking latch is made out of cheap plastic. Due to heat, I'm guessing because I never use the self cleaning feature for fear of frying the cheap electronics in this cheap-ass oven, weakened to the point of failure. During this weakening the cam was bending which was allowing for intermittent triggering of one or both of the door lock sensing switches. The crappy software does not check for this condition, although door lock switch activation without being in selfclean mode is easily detectable, so did not throw an error code but simply shut off.

After the lock mechanism finally broke and then discovering the lock mechanism was no longer available I purchased the "superseded part" but it was not a drop in replacement. After taking my Dremel to it and installing no more unexpected oven shutdowns!!
erikd Posted: Thursday, June 9, 2016 4:39:23 AM(UTC)
I could use some insight to a problem that I'm having with my Dacor ER36D range installed in 2007. A few months ago the Range started beeping constantly and showing an error code (F32). This code indicated failure of the keypad membrane. I replaced this membrane with a genuine Dacor part which stopped the constant beeping and error code. A few weeks after that the electric oven started to shut off for no reason. This could be while preheating or cooking. When this happens only the Clock or Timer and oven light remain functioning. I have to hit the Bake button again to restart the oven. This only happens occasionally and at different times in the baking process. There are no Beeps or fault codes stored during this event, it just silently shuts off.

I've since replaced the timer board and relay board but this problem still persists. When the oven is working it maintains the correct temperature. Can you tell me how the oven can shutdown unexpectedly without a fault code triggered? Have you seen this type of problem before? I am hesitant to call for service for fear they will simply replace parts I've already replaced.

Since this problem started shortly after the keypad membrane was replaced I'm considering replacing that again but I don't want to keep throwing money at this thing. I need confirmation on a solution rather than the shotgun approach that I've already tried.