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Last 10 Posts (In reverse order)
denman Posted: Monday, December 7, 2015 7:23:33 AM(UTC)
You are welcome.

And thanks for getting back to us. Now when others search for a similar problem they will see what actually worked instead of just suggestions about what could be the cause.
kohanz Posted: Monday, December 7, 2015 7:10:33 AM(UTC)
That did it, thank you for your help! I was surprised that it worked afterward, because to be honest I didn't notice any large amounts of debris in the drain-hose, but after running a small snake-tool that I had (and feeling almost no resistance), the washer runs fine!

Thanks again!
denman Posted: Sunday, December 6, 2015 2:39:31 AM(UTC)
Here your parts
Parts for Frigidaire FGBD2435NF0A / Dishwasher -

Is this something that needs a professional at this point or is there more I could look at?
Depends on how nandy ot not handy you are.

Sounds like it is trying to drain.
When you hold the drain tube is it cold and then gets hot. It should as it drains out the hot dishwasher water.

Disconnect the drain tube at the sink. Check for a clog there.
Be sure to stick a screwdriver etc, into the house plumbing as I have seen plugs that you cannot see in the fitting..
kohanz Posted: Friday, December 4, 2015 9:35:55 PM(UTC)
Thank you in advance for all of your kind help.

We bought our house 3 years ago and I'm pretty sure all the kitchen appliances, including the dishwasher were put in at most a couple of years before we got it (hence the 1-5 years age).

We've had no problems with it until recently. A few months ago, I had one incident where it wouldn't drain. I scooped the water out from the bottom and cleaned things up. Didn't find a major clog, but ran it again and it drained. Didn't think much of it.

Now tonight, it happened again, and this time it won't go away. I have taken the bottom apart as shown in this video ( and cleaned everything, but again, no major signs of the cause of the blockage. The check ball is there and not stuck. I also use baking soda, vinegar, and boiling water to try and clear a blockage, but no luck. The thing I don't get is in that video, I don't think it shows me how to get at the drain pump or valve, to see if they're ok. Any idea on how to do that? Are they underneath?

When I run the dishwasher, I can hold the drain tube in my hand and feel that there is indeed water going through (although I don't know if there is enough going through, since I've never felt it before). I do hear the drain pump at least *trying* to run and it makes a bit of a whirring sound which, to be honest, I can't recall if it's always made that sound or not. When it makes that sound, I do feel water going through the drain pipe, but again, perhaps not enough.

I'm not a naturally handy person, but willing to explore/learn. Is this something that needs a professional at this point or is there more I could look at? Thanks!