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Crafter_Man Posted: Saturday, October 17, 2015 9:29:56 AM(UTC)
It's fixed! :)

I first went out and bought a new drain pump (part number W10348269) for $70. I was able to remove the old drain pump without taking the dishwasher out of the cabinet, and it's a pretty simple job. When I removed the old pump, I noticed there was a piece of plastic debris in there!

So the old drain pump was O.K. - a piece of plastic debris was keeping the impeller from turning.

I went ahead and installed the new pump anyway. (Unfortunately there is a "no return" policy at the Appliance Parts Store.)

So... for anyone having the same symptoms with their dishwasher, remove the drain pump and look for foreign debris in there BEFORE going out and buying a new pump.
Crafter_Man Posted: Monday, October 12, 2015 4:30:35 AM(UTC)
We have a Kitchen Aid KDFE104DBL dishwasher. It's only 1 year old.

It's worked well up until a week ago. But now it won't drain the water from the tub. I checked for a blockage in the drain hose, and there is no blockage. I also cleaned both filters.

When you press the “drain” button, the drain motor/pump produces an audible hum, and you can feel a slight vibration when you touch the drain motor/pump with your fingers. But it won't pump out the water.

Any suggestions?