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Last 10 Posts (In reverse order)
icemanbryan Posted: Thursday, August 15, 2013 8:21:35 PM(UTC)
Thanks much, I appreciate it.
I will check the voltage and decide what to do.
HumboldtRepairMan Posted: Thursday, August 15, 2013 7:34:20 PM(UTC)
Welcome to the new world order of obsolescence it's our cars, computers, tv's appliances etc etc...You can blame our government for allowing garbage made products to come to our country and have the electronics shipped to our country to have installed in american made products then break and fill our landfills with tons of ewaste within a couple years of purchase...Our government preaches and sells the public all this "clean air, less energy" yada yada but what good is it to use less coal for energy when your filling the landfills with toxic computer components?'s all a bunch of nonsense.....Whirlpool has been in business for around 100 years in America and made good quality products that last sometimes 30-40 years i've seen it personally...... But because of EPA regulations on manufacturing in America noone wants to build here or can build things in America and cheap labor overseas they are forced to buy the same parts to install in their units to have a fair advantage in selling their products in America..Here is proof our government don't care and will just collect more money on imports knowing they are filling our landfills but yet you will never see anything about this on the television or the radio.
Whirlpool wins point in antidumping case against Samsung, LG

They don't want things to last and the parts are so expensive they make it impossible to afford to fix things and they know the american consumers are duped and will just keep buying because we consume because it's the American way.....The new average appliance life is about 5-10 years now tops so keep that in mind when purchasing anything electronic.....The biggest problem i've seen is that since our government pushed this whole energy efficiency scam on the American public now we have machines that require less electricity so you save money but the parts are cheaper and weaker and have less horsepower so they burn out and break easily. As far as my job security goes i shouldn't complain but in all honesty i'd rather go on service calls dealing with maintenance things after several years of ownership that's the way it should be. And in all honesty i care about the parts i'm pulling out and recycling as best i can but i know it goes into the ground somewhere and that affects us and our future generations to come. Ok off my soapbox now and back to your problem.
Back to your unit either has a water clog at the inlet valve or a main control board out and possibly a float switch that's defective check your tech sheet under the bottom panel or behind the front panel...Test for 120v down at the inlet valve if you have 120v it's a bad inlet solenoid.........but if you don't have 120v it's a bad connection or harness issue and/or the main control follow the wires and connections........Good luck
icemanbryan Posted: Thursday, August 15, 2013 5:43:03 PM(UTC)
OK, not sure if I am happy with this unit.
Last spring I came on here and purchased a new control panel
(It fixed the problem of not starting).
Now, the unit does not fill up with water on the start up.
If I pour a pitcher of water into it, it seems to work just fine.
I will assume a new water pump is in order.
This unit is less than 3 years old, not real sure if I should keep or replace??
I would expect more from a Maytag, maybe it is just how it is now.
BTW, the old pos unit I replaced this with worked for like 20 years without a hitch.
Maybe just disposable society we seem to be?

Thanks very much for the help and letting me rant.