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fairbank56 Posted: Saturday, April 6, 2013 8:57:23 AM(UTC)
There is a small vent hole on the top of the gearcase that can leak oil if left on it's side like that. The gearcase holds about 15-16oz of oil. If you only lost an ounce or two, I wouldn't worry about it. There's no easy way to add oil or determine how much is in there. As for the clicking, check the three horizontal tub suspension springs and the one balance spring in the back that may have come loose when you had it laying down. The skate plate can also get out of kilter when laying it down like that. The skate plate sits between the tub support assembly and the base. Did you make sure to get the coupler halves all the way onto the shafts? Why did you replace the coupler? You can run the machine with the cabinet off and lid switch bypassed to better determine where the noise might be coming from.

rbarrys Posted: Saturday, April 6, 2013 7:46:37 AM(UTC)
I replaced the coupling between the motor and the transmission. I had it laid over on it's front for about a week while the part came in, and some of the transmission oil appears to have leaked out. When I ran the machine it agitated and spun OK but, on both agitate and spin cycles, there is a clicking noise that was not there before. Don't know how much oil the transmission uses, but do I need to add oil? Is there a way to tell the level without taking the tranny out? Is there some other likely cause for the clicking?