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friarpat Posted: Sunday, December 23, 2012 6:27:50 AM(UTC)
Since I find these forums very useful - I figured I would do a minor amount of payback and indicate the solution to this issue.

The problem was resolved by replacing the "Switch infinite control (Dual)" switch for that burner. So, I suppose the proper diagnosis of this would be:
- do both sections of the larger burner work from time to time...if so, you probably need a new switch instead of the burner.

I now have a second burner though, just in case!

There are a couple of tiny screws that hold the switch in place. Use a magnetic screwdriver otherwise you too may wind up with one done inside the front console where you can't get it back!
friarpat Posted: Friday, December 14, 2012 9:15:17 PM(UTC)
I'm having an issue with the large "dual" burner on my GE oven top (model JB960W0B2WW). I had noticed that the large outter portion of the burner wasn't turning on/off like it used to, only the inner portion of the burner heats up. I made the assumption that the burner was going out, ordered a new one and popped it in. I went to use it - and the new burner is exhibiting the same behavior. Doing some more observation/troubleshooting on this, I do note that, when the burner is cold, if I turn on the burner to high, the outter portion of the element works as expected, but once I take it off high, the outter burner stops and it won't come back on, regardless of what I set the knob to - only the inner portion of the burner will heat.

Does anyone have any clues at what might need to be replaced and how to get to it?