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Last 10 Posts (In reverse order) Posted: Saturday, May 25, 2024 1:44:48 PM(UTC)
So I have this problem as well. It has happened about five or six times at least.

My analysis is this. There is a chute to the left of the auger that allows ice to build up, upwards above the where the auger drops it into the chute. This is always caked up when it is frozen.

My theory is the following:

  1. The auger can toss/grind ice faster than it can fall down the chute into the glass and this void above the chute is designed as a backup (ice is pushed up there)

  2. The door at the bottom of the chute has a "soft close", it does not snap shut

  3. if a cube is sitting in just he right spot, the door will be propped open allowing warm air up the chute to where the ice is backed up causing it to melt and re-freeze

In order to get it melted and freed up, I have to pull out all the ice and melt the dam that is in the auger, which is a pain in the arse.

I have a new strategy I am thinking of trying. I am going to get some heat tape (like they use in heated winter gloves) and affix it to the outside of the chute area that freezes up (under the shroud it sits on) leaving a battery connector accessible from outside the chute. When it freezes up I am going to plug it in and let the glove warmers heat up the outside of the chute so that it loosens up a bit and the clog can fall out and the auger turn.

Guest Posted: Thursday, June 17, 2021 2:44:18 PM(UTC)
I also have my ice dispenser freezing
Guest Posted: Sunday, June 6, 2021 2:17:15 PM(UTC)
How do you stop the ice from freezing up around the turn screw to allow ice to flow out and crush
tc88 Posted: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 9:28:55 AM(UTC)
:( I have a Whirlpool side-by-side model GC5THGXKB00 11/2001 production with a water and ice cube/crushed ice dispenser. The fridge and freezer seem to keep the correct temperature, but I don't keep much food in either compartment.

After several weeks of not using the ice dispenser the bottom of the ice maker (where the auger is located) becomes caked with ice and is frozen and will not allow ice cubes or crushed ice to be dispensed through the chute. The ice crusher auger operates when activated but the unit is frozen up so it does not dispense. Note: The ice maker also continues to make ice as long as it is not full or turned off via the metal bar.

After sliding out the ice maker and defrosting the ice from the bottom of the unit the dispensing feature will operate fine for a while before the icing up occurs.

If the crushed ice dispense feature is used then the bottom of the ice maker where the auger is located tends to freeze up very quickly in a couple of days as the crushed ice is not all dispensed through the chute/door during normal operation and the buildup turns into frozen ice.

Based on what I have read this may a defrost problem but I did not find any posts with this symptom. How do I isolate to the faulty component? Are there any diagnostics I can run to isolate to root cause (defrost timer, defrost heater, defrost thermister, keypad failure) ?

thank you