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gaguy 06-01-2010 06:36 PM

GE Top load washer will not spin/drain :-(

My GE washer (model number WCSR4170DAWW) stopped spinning and draining on me yesterday :(. The washer comes on and fills properly. It also agitates just fine, but when it's time to drain and spin... nothing happens!! You can hear a faint sound as if something electrical is happening, but the water just sits there. I am 1 year and "3 weeks :mad:" into my purchase with this machine, so I'm pretty much on my own with this repair. Can anyone tell me where I should look first :confused:? Pretty much everything I've read on this washer points to the transmission as the problem... Any advice would help. Thanks to all in advance :)!

gaguy 06-03-2010 05:03 AM

Last night, I compiled a list of “tests” that I read on the site and ordered them from the easiest (blowing into the drain pipe) to the most difficult (running continuity tests on the power to the pump and motor). Well, to my surprise, I blew into the drain and the air was obviously restricted! I took the pump apart to find one of my daughter’s socks stuck in it. That caused the machine to not drain OR spin. Everything is working perfectly again.:D I was extremely happy that I didn’t have to pay a service fee or anything like that, but it bothered me because I couldn’t figure out how the little sock got down into the pump!!!!!:confused: I thought the only access to the tub area was thru those little teeny tiny holes in the basket, and I wouldn’t believe that went through one of those even if I saw it get sucked through one with my own eyes. Anyway, I finally saw the space in between the top of the basket and the top of the tub. It’s a small area as well, but I can see how the occasional small piece of laundry could get thru there… This was definitely a story with a happy ending (so far… lol).

markcoby98 09-23-2010 03:54 AM

The old sock in the pump mystery...
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My name is Mark & I'm also a service tech, with GE experience.
What I have found is, when one of these style washers is over loaded,
it is very easy for a small item (like a kids sock) to spin up and over the tub, falling down into the tub. Then the item will eventually clog the drain hose into the pump or be sucked into the pump and jamb the pumps impeller. If left unchecked for a few hours, it will burn out the pumps motor.
This is a very common issue in the old Maytag top loaders (mainly the commercial ones when over loaded). How ever it rarely ever damaged a
poly pump, the belt would just slip until it smoked! Ha Ha!!

I hope this post helps solve- "the old sock in the pump mystery."
or at least how it got in there!:)

markcoby98 09-23-2010 04:00 AM

The old sock in the pump mystery...
I'm sorry, I meant up and over basket and down into the tub!
Sorry it's late:D My bad!

markcoby98 09-23-2010 04:04 AM

RE: The old sock in the pump mystery
I meant to say, up and over the basket, then down into the tub.
It's late, I'm sorry:o

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