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littlejon3 05-27-2010 01:28 PM

Washer Leaving Sopping Wet Clothes
Hi, I recently purchased a washer 2nd hand and am having a slight issue with it that I am trying to resolve. The washer seems to go fine through the Wash and Rinse cycles, but when it gets to the Spin Cycle, it spins (I have removed the front and verified), but at low RPMS and doesn't remove hardly any water from the clothes.

I put it into the "Service Mode" and ran a Spin Cycle test. With the Washer empty, it goes through all of the speeds up to 1,000 RPM, with the sopping wet clothes in there it goes up to about 650 RPM and then starts going back down. I have also run the Board Input test and checked via the Temp Down button the Unbalance input and I receive the code for "Unbalanced". After running a few loads of laundry through, I went back and checked for any stored Trouble Codes and found Codes 5 and 10 for each of the loads that I had run.

I have opened the front and top of the washer and tested both balance switches and the inertial balance switch. I believe all 3 are supposed to be Normal Close switches, correct? I got good reading off the two with buttons and they seemed to function normally when the buttons were pressed on them, but the I did not get a Closed reading off the Inertial Unbalance Switch (while trying to hold it as close to how it is mounted on the drum as possible).

I am thinking that it is the Inertial Unbalance Switch, but am troubled by the fact that it will spin up to 1,000 RPM during the Spin Cycle test and empty. The drum moves around a little bit during the spin cycle, but I am not sure what is considered "normal" movement on a drum suspended by springs and supported by shocks going 800 RPM. Is there a good way to bypass the Inertial Unbalance Switch and try running a load of laundry through, or would that be potentially damaging to the washer?

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. I have seen several posts about the clothes not getting dry enough, but none that had the same symptoms as mine, so thought I would see what information people had to offer. Thanks again.

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