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nsmslf4 02-09-2010 07:11 AM

Kenmore Front Load Washer Won't Run
I've suspected for a couple weeks that the spin cycle has been weak (clothes seem a little heavier than usual). This past weekend it made a high grinding noise while spinning and emitted a burnt rubber smell. I removed some clothes and it completed the cycle normally. Next load of wash, upon starting washer, a high buzzing noise was coming from the water pump. Would not spin (don't know if it drained but considering little amount of water at bottom of tub when I removed unspun clothes I'm guessing it did). Unplugged and let it sit for a day. Yesterday, when pressing the 'start' button there is a click and a itty bitty amount of water goes into tub (lasts about a second), then the washer automatically switches the spin speed from high to 'no spin' and doesn't do anything else (although the lights stay on on the display). Checked the belt, it appears fine (on track and not loose).

Has anyone had this problem with a washer? We're not sure if we should try replacing the pump or if it could be something more. Thanks.

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