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Jim Adkins 08-25-2007 12:27 PM

Washer won't agitate
Washer fills OK, when full motor hums for 3/4 seconds then shuts down, slight smell. Cannot manually turn agitator. Granddaughter way overfilled with clothes. Is it the transmission, motor or both? Is it something I can reoair, I am pretty handy with tools.

Gene 08-26-2007 02:01 PM

Hi Jim

The first thing I would do is check the belts and the drain pump.
Remove two screws on the bottom of the front panel and grabbing the bottom of the front panel with both hands lift it up for about 45 degrees to release it from the top clips. Lift up the front of the washer and put something under the front leg. Remove and inspect both belts. Check how the pulley on the drain pump is moving. Replace the pump if it got stuck.
With the belts removed turn on the washer to see how the motor runs. If it makes a humming noise, does not start properly and/or producing burning smell then the motor is bad and has to be replaced.
If all of the above is not an issue then the problem is a bad transmission.

- The part number for the new drain pump AP243467

- The part number for the set of two belts AP2660760

- The part number for the new motor AP3720974

- Here are the break down diagrams for the Maytag washer Model LAT7300AAW

Good luck.

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