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hubcityhoss 01-19-2010 10:52 AM

frigidaire Washer gltf1670as0 vibrates
Hi yall, I am a newbie and had a question for the group.
I just replaced the shocks on my washer and thought all was well. It still has a high speed vibration after the new shocks were installed. I checked the play in the drum and everything appears fine with the bearings/spider.

Could the uppers springs be bad causeing the vibes?

Coreyrock 01-25-2010 06:20 AM

Me too.
I disassembled mine last night. The inter drum was rubbing the outer drum during the spin cycle and was making an awful noise. Both bearings looked tight and properly greased. Shocks were good (replaced one about a month ago) Springs were good. Motor, pully and belt - good. But two of the three arms (not sure of the proper names) attaching the shaft to the inter drum were broke causing the problem. (Is that the spider?)
Thanks, Corey

hubcityhoss 01-25-2010 06:35 AM

Yeah, its the spider.... That is whats wrong with mine. Im having a heck of a time getting a new inner wash tub replaced.(its under a 25 year warrenty) The only way they will give me a new one is if a service repairman comes out to fix it....I want to do it myself

Coreyrock 01-25-2010 10:37 AM

I just found out the assembly (spider and inner tub) are sold together, my next step is to call Eletrolux. I am a DIY kinda of guy too. What are you going to do? Call me if you like 615-390-5401, Corey - Tennessee

Coreyrock 01-25-2010 10:53 AM

Yeap, just got off the phone with the manufacturer. Your right, they would not ship me the part? Help! Corey

Coreyrock 01-28-2010 09:37 AM

I got hooked up with a local sevice provider and he ordered it for me. It came in yesterday and I installed it last night and got back up and running! Yeah!!! I did replace the outer tub seal at the recommendation of the tech. He charged me 15 bucks for his time, which I thought was fair. Good luck and call me if you have any questions. Corey

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