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Albo 01-16-2010 11:02 AM

Washer making thumping noise on spin
Update I did not get any responce so I had to make a decision, I'm pretty sure it is the front bearing assembly which looks like a big R&R job. This thing is 10 plus years old and has been a great washer. Part at discount on line is 235 bucks plus ship , if that is all thats wrong. New replace ment is larger a 3.5 cu ft vers a 2.7 cu ft. on sale at the big blue box store for 449 ($150 off) no lines no waiting.
It's in and I'm going to srip out the good items off old one like motor, pump, and all controls. Then I'll flea bay em for next to nothin hopeing they will help someone from having to buy a new washer. Great site learned a lot from other post and the break down photos helped make my decision. Thanks again!

My washer was running fine then I heard a big boom (like a tire blow out) and the washer started making a banging noise like it was out of balance. Figured it was a spring.
Took apart today top springs are fine, bottom shocks seem fine. Belt is on and I feel no slop or play at the belt pulley. It will run quiet untill it really picks up speed. The only other thing I see is an assembly way internal on other end of drive shaft......when I lightly pull back and forth on the drum from the insde I hear a how do I proceed any good step by step instruction looks like "I'm goin in".....please tell me I'm missing something simple:( .
I found no loose or broken parts on floor..........This has been an excellent unit up until now.....
Moma will be making me do wash outside with the tub and washboard if I can't fix this.......please help as it's freezin a husban out!

sidfink43 01-17-2010 05:01 PM

Sorry you did not get a timely reply, but if you look at the Washer Forum you will see that it is very heavily subscribed and it is taking two days or more to get to all the posts, which I try to do by getting to the oldest ones first.

That being said your decision to replace the machine is what I would have recommended and sounds like you are getting a good buy.

Albo 01-20-2010 02:03 PM

Thanks, thats fine all the previous threads that I was able to read gave me enough information to make the decision. There comes a time that its "BER"

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