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pcbrown43 11-07-2009 02:03 PM

When I start a washing cycle, the machine starts filling with water, then it pauses and locks the door, Then the cycle continues filling with water. It runs a few seconds then it begins beeping and flashing F and 50 until I turn it off. I read on one forum that F50 code means the CCU is not understanding what is being said. Not sure what the CCU is. Help, Shirley

sidfink43 11-08-2009 02:27 PM

The CCU is your main control board. It contains a microprocessor which controls the machine.

You have tech notes under the top of the cabinet. To get to them, insert a putty knife or flat blade screw driver in the gap between the top and the front near the edges to release the clips that hold the top down. It will flip up and you will have access to the tech notes. Use them to troubleshoot the machine.

Good luck.

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