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Not sure how old it is exactly, bought it used. Anyone know how to tell? Could not find a year

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Old 02-05-2018, 11:36 AM
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Default Pump belt slipping and maintenance questions
Model Number: AWS44NW   Brand: Speed Queen   Age: 5 - 10 years   

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Not sure how old it is exactly, bought it used. Anyone know how to tell? Could not find a year on it anywhere.

Anyway, the pump belt was slipping and I noticed the tensioner was way loose and was putting hardly any pressure on the belt. I pushed it tight and was able to get through the rest of my laundry for the time being. I went ahead and ordered a new tensioner spring off Amazon ($9 yay) but was wondering if I need to replace the belt as well, it looked fine with no glazing or anything however there was a little powdered rubber on the pump from it slipping......Or should I just wait to see what happens when i get the tensioner spring?

And then that got me to thinking.....

Depending on the age of the machine if I can find that out, what kind of regular maintenance should I be doing? What parts should I replace to be proactive rather than reactive? I really don't want to wait for things to break before I replace them. Any common parts that should be replaced at a certain age? Should i just go ahead and replace the belt as well? Kinda want to approach this how I maintain my cars if possible, replacing the known wear items before they fail.

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It's probably 20 or more years old.

The belts aren't like the ones in cars, they are cloth covered and designed to slip a certain amount until the basket gets up to speed during the spin.

If its shedding rubber it needs to be replaced. Probably the idler needs it too.

The other thing these machines are famous for is leaking pumps rusting the motor shaft. I had one once that rusted so much of the motor shaft away that the motor had to be replaced.

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Do you mean the idler pulley? I already ordered the spring, so there's no point ordering the entire kit I guess. From what I see in the kit, the only other real wear part besides the belt and spring would be the pulley, I imagine the hardware doesn't really need to be replaced does it?

[e] Amazon won't let me cancel the spring order, dammit. Might as well order the kit since it's cheaper than ordering just the belt.

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