Washer making loud noises as spin cycle stops


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As the spin cycle ends and the tub is slowing down/stopping the machine makes a fairly loud, repetitive thumping noise.

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Default Washer making loud noises as spin cycle stops
Model Number: 11081950100   Brand: Kenmore   Age: More than 10 years   

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As the spin cycle ends and the tub is slowing down/stopping the machine makes a fairly loud, repetitive thumping noise. I thought it might be the braking mechanism, but have read some posts suggesting other possible causes and because I just finished several other repairs yesterday, I wanted to ask questions before I blindly embark on another repair.

Here's a link to a video so you can hear what I'm describing: https://vimeo.com/248875151
FWIW, in person, the banging is a bit louder than it sounds in the video.

So yesterday I replaced the following, and for all I know may have caused this banging noise myself...
- Direct Drive Motor
- Start Capacitor
- Motor Coupling
- Suspension Plate Pads
- Tub Suspension Pads

The spin cycle seems fast, steady, and a tad quieter now that I have replaced the suspension pads. But the thumping/banging noise is new. It wasn't happening before I made the other repairs.

I've read Richappy's sticky post on brake shoes. Certainly seems plausible, but still hoping I can provide enough additional info here to know if that's my best bet.

I read a post suggesting the tub support and/or skate plate may be misaligned. Not sure how to verify as they "looked" aligned and slid smoothly on the new pads I replaced, but who knows?

Another post suggested that the drive block may not have been fully re-seated with the tabs properly in the designated notches. I was pretty sure I tapped this in firmly and properly but will double-check once I disassemble the washer again.

I would love any additional info on diagnosing this issue before I begin buying more parts and playing trial-and-error.


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