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eoconnor84 11-02-2017 08:49 AM

Brand new GE washer no power
I literally got my washer 3 days ago. We ran it a couple times with no problem. My fiance unhooked everything and ckeaned behind it. The next day my 24 uear old tirned the warer spout on thinking he was gonna wash clothes. Well the hose wasnt connected to the washer and he flooded our laundru room floor and half our hallway. We moved everything and cleaned the water up (wasnt deep) and today i moved the washer back and plug it in...push start...nothing. checked the power to the outlet..all good. Ive unpluhged it for a while and plugged it back in and its doing nothing. Dead. Why?! Please help! My old washer was moved out and its been days without laundry. 5 kids! 😣

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