Frigidaire front load no agitate or spin


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Washer did not final spin, and making buzzing noise at pump. Then not agitating or spinning at all. Cleared change,

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Old 06-19-2017, 02:39 PM
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Unhappy Frigidaire front load no agitate or spin
Model Number: CRTF1240ASO   Brand: Frigidaire   Age: More than 10 years   

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Washer did not final spin, and making buzzing noise at pump. Then not agitating or spinning at all. Cleared change, couple of nuts in drain, made sure all lines clear, nothing blocking pump. Seems to be pumping fine, impeller moving appropriately by hand when I had it out and open. Sounds much better. Timer advances, fills, drains etc. on all cycles. I can 'help' it agitate and spin by BARELY moving pulley manually, with no load, just water. With small load, it will agitate (with little assist) but won't spin- just rocks back and forth, but won't turn completely around, and will not speed up at all. Motor seems to be turning fine, tub rotates easily, no noise. I am NOT electronics wizard, so tech sheets inside bottom Make little sense, but I can follow direction and have ohm meter. Any assistance is greatly appreciated. I have ordered a belt, just in case it might be slipping, and should get it tomorrow.

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Old 06-19-2017, 10:12 PM
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Talking Yeaaaah, fixed it. Broken wire connector at male motor connector

Kept messing with it most of afternoon, kept thinking that motor was just 'weak', not able to turn tub enough to make a complete rotation without help, especially if you had anything in it other than just water.�� Just started looking for anything that seemed out of place, took motor speed controller out, fuse checked ok, no obvious burn marks, etc. checked wiring harness from controller back to motor. Tugged and pushed lightly on wires on front (female) of motor plug, everything seemed ok...when I pushed on back side of motor plug, saw a small spark, and motor immediately got a burst of energy and turned drum a couple of complete rotations. Soon as I let off it slowed back down, and stopped. Turned off machine, unplugged, pulled back of motor plug connector (male) off and started checking the six wires. Was #1 (pink/white stripe) according to tech sheet wiring diagram. The wire was completely broken from the small "tube" connector still inside the male side of the plug, and came right out. I pushed the tube out using a small pop rivet, cut the broken piece off the end of the wire, re-stripped longer portion of the wire, inserted it back into the tube about 1/4 inch and and crimped. Inserted it back in plug, reconnected male to female plug. Plugged machine in, set timer, it immediately started turning, complete rotations went through complete cycle correctly, including final spin, at high speed. Did a full load after that, ran perfectly, full power. Spin cycle actually seems faster than it has been recently.
The wire harness at the motor did not seem to have enough play and the wire was zip tied somewhat stationary to the bottom frame of the washer, so if the motor/drum moved up and down much, it seemed to be almost bending the wires at the motor plug a tiny bit, which I guess eventually broke one. I made a little more play, and made it where the wire at the motor plug moved WITH the motor. Anyway, hope this helps someone else who may have this problem. I was thinking it was going to be the motor controller board - glad it wasn't. Looks like this wire goes directly to the motor winding which would explain the slow, weakness of motor. Sure was doing some weird things because of one little wire. Anyway, learned a whole lot about my machine from this forum, next time I'll be better prepared...��

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