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brettdinaz 03-01-2017 04:18 PM

Leaking near flywheel/bearings
I'm somewhat new to appliance repair. I have a maytag that has rust by the flywheel. It's just like a few LG's I've worked on where the seal failed then the bearings. I haven't finished taking it apart but I don't see bearings in the diagrams I've looked at. I also haven't seen them listed in parts. I've never heard/seen the machine on. The customer said it was loud and squeky. Any pointer or help is appreciated

PNWDrew 03-01-2017 08:38 PM

You won't get the bearings or seals alone from many manufacturers. Some people do manage to replace them as they are an available size (marked on races or seals) usually but the overwhelming majority of pros I know will just change whole rear tub and usually the basket.

If there's no warranty coverage left it's usually the end of the machine. At this point even 5 years old isn't particularly young to die.

Some rust there at the pulley isn't necessarily an issue as there is often a weep hole to allow water that gets past the seal to drip out. You're looking for significant leakage, or noise in spin if you suspect a bearing issue.

For the record the early MHWE series had horrible problems with bearing failure, I was seeing it at 2-3 months old. Whirlpool was even giving the parts away free to reduce the PR damage.

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