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MAINTENANCEMIKE 10-27-2009 04:43 PM

Timer Or Lid Switch
Started Wash Cycle,washer Filled And Began To Agitate. After 20 Minutes I Noted A Electricial Burn Smell In The Air. I Traced The Smell To My Washer, And Noted The Washer Was Still Washing At The Same Part Of The Cycle I Had Started. I Stopped The Cycle And Moved To The Rinse Setting And The Washer Drained And Filled And Agitated Again. I Watched It For 10 Min. And Again The Cycle Timer Did Not Move. I Also Noted That The Timer Was Not Emitting The Normal Ticking Tone It Once Had.

Is My Timer Bad Or Is There Another Relay In Sequence. What Is The Process For Testing And Elimination...?

sidfink43 10-28-2009 01:59 PM

Hi Mike

The elimination process that gets you to the timer as the problem is the fact that your machine will agitate, drain and spin, so mechanically it is ok. This leaves the control mechanism as the likely problem, which in your case is the timer.

I would recommend replacing the timer and hopefully that will solve your problem.

Good luck.

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