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Janf-1 09-28-2014 05:46 PM

Electrolux front load washer over filling, E35 code
Front load washer giving error code E35 ( also gave E45 but hasn't happened again since the E35 started) Not all the time , up until today could stop , end cycle and start new cycle (spin only ) , it would drain and then I could run , without a problem, a regular cycle. Most recently it kept filling and filling and only way to stop it was to shut off the water, unplugging didn't help etc. From what I have read that means the water valve is either clogged or needs to be replaced. I have checked on this site and found the water valve but cannot find the water pressure switch. are they the same part and does this unit have a water pressure "tube" or hose , part 44 (Part Number AP4432636) on the control panel parts.

Is there another test or am I looking at a new water valve? Once the unit is open would be great to have the parts I might need and not order two or three times as well as dismantling and rebiolding each time

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