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alove1306 11-21-2013 12:32 PM

Whirlpool washer problems
So my washer decided it wasn't going to drain properly...The items in washer were still very wet when the cycle finished. I ran the drain and spin cycle again, no change.

I checked for obstructions in the basket and found change between agitator and wash tub and removed it. I then removed the agitator cap/cover which reveal a hex head bolt. I removed the bolt to see if this would allow me to removed the agitator and check for further obstructions. it did not so I replaced the bolt. I then removed the back cover and noticed a nut on the sound dampening pad, directly under the center of the tub. It went on the end of the bolt that I had removed with no problem. I'm not sure how snug the bolt and nut are because I couldn't keep the unit stationary while tightening the bolt.

I hooked the unit back up to power and water to run a cleaning cycle to see if the draining issue had been resolved. the cycle began and the tub spun one direction. When the washer wanted to stop the tub, it is now loose and spinning freely, causing the cycle to stop.

Any thoughts on the "free spin"?

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