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Sears Kenmore Series 70 Washer Model Number: 110.26712693 Manufacturer: Whirlpool (I believe) I am working on repairing a friend's washer

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Exclamation Kenmore Series 70 Washer Repair
Model Number: 110.26712693   Brand: Kenmore   Age: 5 - 10 years   

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Sears Kenmore Series 70 Washer
Model Number: 110.26712693
Manufacturer: Whirlpool (I believe)

I am working on repairing a friend's washer that will not fill with water. When started it does not even attempt to fill, but goes straight into agitation. The unit empties without problem, but won't fill. Currently my friend is using a garden hose from outside to fill his washer. He contacted me because I am usually able to fix anything that breaks, but I am always still learning.

This washer may be older than 10 years but still works very well and I see no other problems with it. He is committed to keeping it for now.

I believe that I have already located the problem but would like some confirmation before I order a $53 part for him. I think that the problem is being caused by a faulty Water Level Switch and that this: Water Level Switch, is the part I need to fix it.

I have already disassembled the washer and checked the line, it is clear and unobstructed. I've checked the water lines and they have pressure. He also reported that he had to jiggle the water level dial to get it to work just before it stopped filling. I don't think that the problem lies with the fill valves as the washer doesn't even attempt to fill itself. It just goes straight into agitation. I would be very grateful if one of you experts could chime in here and confirm my suspicions.

Thanks guys!

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Pressure switch could be the problem. Check with multimeter with empty tub. Disconnect wires from switch and check for continuity between where the violet wire and pink wire were connected. Should be 0 ohms (short) and open between violet and tan connections. If there is continuity between violet and tan terminals on switch, disconnect pressure hose and check again. If you still have continuity, switch is faulty. Jump violet and pink wires together to see if washer will fill.

Whirlpool W10337780 Water Level Switch Kit - AppliancePartsPros.com

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