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krsd 09-20-2013 10:46 AM

Kenmore washer intermittent power problem

Kenmore washer part number 796.4031 stopped as if it had no power (nolights, no sounds). Checked the circuit breaker and verified outlet. I wasgetting ready to open it when the wife said, remember it did this about a yearago and we opened it up looking for a fuse, reseated connectors and generallypoked around. We plugged it back in and it came on.

So this time we just unplugged it, waited about 30 seconds and it came backon. It's done this once more since then, maybe a few days later and she immediatelyunplugged it (~30 seconds). It came back on this time and I don't think it hadmuch time to cool off.

Anyway how do you troubleshoot it and how will you know when it fixed?

Thanks for any help!

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