Kenmore 11022642100 spins only sometimes


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Hi! I have a Kenmore washer. 11022642100. Sometimes it doesn't spin during the spin cycle. The motor is on (it

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Default Kenmore 11022642100 spins only sometimes
Model Number: 11022642100   Brand: Kenmore   Age: More than 10 years   

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I have a Kenmore washer. 11022642100. Sometimes it doesn't spin during the spin cycle. The motor is on (it sounds like it's spinning). If you jiggle the drum a little, it will then spin fine through the cycle. It's almost like the drum gets stuck.

Any advice?


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Pull the drum out and check for clothing underneath drum.............if not clothing check for loose or broken pieces inside...........Then look under the unit for the gearcase leaking oil, Then check motor coupling for damage......Also test the lid switch for continuity or damage. Here's some youtube video's to help check there site for additional video's to troubleshoot.
washer sometimes spins - YouTube
washer motor coupling - YouTube
washer lid switch - YouTube
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