GE stackable motor or transmission problem?


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GE spacesaver stackable - Started making a loud 'bang' or "impact" noise on agitate cycle, at one end motion, progressing

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Default GE stackable motor or transmission problem?
Model Number: WSM2700HAWWW   Brand: GE   Age: 5 - 10 years   

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GE spacesaver stackable - Started making a loud 'bang' or "impact" noise on agitate cycle, at one end motion, progressing getting louder over 3-4 weeks. Washer finally stopped at end of a spin cycle with electrical smell and light smoke coming from unit.

Opened up, no obvious burn marks on motor and belt is OK. Motor looks to have some bent vertical fins on top where it looks like there is some type of solenoid inside motor. 3-4 fins are bent 10-20 degrees with some scratch marks. Did not test motor after dis-assembly.

Transmission can be rotated by hand easily and agitator rotates, but only in counter clockwise direction. Will not rotated clockwise at all.


a) Is this a reversing motor design? Does the motor need replacing?
b) does the transmission need replacing or does it only turn one direction with the agitation being controlled by the transmission?

Any other thoughts?

Bob E

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