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GHerm 07-03-2013 06:50 PM

GE Front Load Washer
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My laundry doesn't seem to get very clean. In fact, sometimes there seems to be an unpleasant odor (like mossy dirt) once the cycle is finished. Most importantly, over time the whites are now dingy.

I began to investigate if others had this same problem and it seems like many have the same complaint. Some even called to my attention that the water level is set so low that dirt is not really being thoroughly washed and rinsed from the clothing. It is just enough water to wet and evenly redistribute dirt throughout the rest of the load. I've observed this in my own washer. I did all of the problem checks and even ordered and installed a new pressure switch (WHX10522). The water level remained the same. About 3" in the deepest part of the tub or about 2.5 gallons of water.

How can I override/adjust the manufacturer settings in my machine to allow more water for both the wash cycle and rinse cycle? Some forums stated that this adjustment is done through the pressure switch by turning one of the four screws. I've uploaded a pic of the pressure switch. Before I begin screwing around with my washer, I need to hear from a pro.

GHerm 07-03-2013 07:10 PM

PS: The smell issue is resolved when I manually add more water to the load. I added approximately four more gallons to the cycle once it has finished filling with water. The clothes are noticeably cleaner and smells fresh from the detergent. Sooo, how can I adjust my machine to automatically increase the water so that I don't have to stand by the machine and manually add the water?

GHerm 07-25-2013 09:40 AM

GE Front Load Washer
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Well it appears that no one knew the answer to my question. The good news is that I broke the code and found the elusive screw on this particular part that controls the water level.

After searching the internet, I saw a short post from a parts rep that told a customer that the adjustment screws are under the wax seals. Armed with that knowledge and knowing that the four exposed screws didn't control the water level, I returned them back to their original settings.

Below is a picture of the part with an arrow indicating the seal where the water level screw is located. I removed the seal and turned the screw one full turn (clockwise). Voila!!!! The washing machine adds an additional 5 gallons of water during the wash and rinse cycles.

more water means...
  • cleaner laundry with no funky smells
  • the extra water fully flushes out the hoses and drain reservoir so no residue and no stagnant water is cycled back through my laundry
  • Pa-pow! my work here is finished

HumboldtRepairMan 07-25-2013 03:09 PM

Try "Affresh" tub tablets they work great for your problem.......Tide washtub cleaner doesn't work for nothing except smelling good i've field tested it and have seen units covered in mildew even after using Tide. Also google search mildew washer smell front loaders you'll have 4.5 billion complaints they know it's a problem since they invented them. The new GE washers have a pc clock type fan in the units now and they call it "overnight dry" or something like that as a sales pitch but in actuality it's a cure for letting the machines breath and get rid of the mold smell. Keep the door open and open the soap dispensor also when not it use this well help with drying out the tub. The GE you have may have a recall issue with the programming in the main board just recently they've been having us upload new software via modem box because they had issue with software malfunctions not spinning or draining out clothes properly.....Contact GE with your model and serial number and see if your's fits in that recall and voice your opinions about your complaint. Messing with the pressure switch doesn't really do much when it comes to washing with old water almost every single unit goes into a drain function first before it allows the new cycle to begin so it doesn't use the old water but i'm sure there may be a little remnant of water in the base of the unit because the pumps aren't strong enough to empty every drop. Good luck

GHerm 08-02-2013 09:30 AM

Thank you for your suggestions. All of the issues were resolved once the water level was increased. My clothes are actually looking brighter and whiter after a few washings. Just needed more water and not a tablet.

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