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lokewolf 07-03-2013 06:34 AM

Water trickling into detergent draw
I have a LG Tromm WM2077CW front loading washing machine and the problem I'm having is that suddenly the water is trickling out into the detergent draw and not filling the drum. The washer and dryer are both stacked on top of each other and we have a water tray underneath that allows water to drain so I can't move it at all. I have removed both water lines from the water valve on the wall and they appear clear on that end...I can't remove them from the back of the washer though, as there isn't space for me to do I can't check to see if the nozzles may be clogged. However, I have tried doing a quick cycle with hot/cold and cold/cold to see if one or the other would produce a heavier flow and no change. Any ideas..both hot and cold water are not coming thru...could it be a solenoid or water valve not functioning or something easier or more difficult?



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