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Hi, I have had a Whirlpool LSR8233JQO for several years that has been awesome for my needs. It sat idle

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Old 04-30-2013, 04:39 PM
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Question Whirlpoool Washer assistance needed
Model Number: LSR8233JQO   Brand: Whirlpool   Age: More than 10 years   

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I have had a Whirlpool LSR8233JQO for several years that has been awesome for my needs. It sat idle for a week, and then the next time that I used it it worked fine but produced a burning smell. I tried it again (while attended) and it produced the same smell, and shut down. I drained it, replaced the Motor Coupling (which is the only part that I have had to replace on this before) and wished for the best. That was not the issue.

I have recently been trying to hone in on the problem and am striking out. I would really like to repair this as the timing is not right for me to replace it. With that in mind, I have been trying to determine what part needs replaced.

Here are the facts of what I have done:
- Washer will start and fill just fine. At non-consistent points, but never more than 5 minutes apart, the washer will produce a burning smell and the motor will shut down. If I let things sit as they are, and simply turn it back on 30 minutes later, it will come back on from the stop point and do the same thing (run a few minutes, produce burning smell, shut down) over oand over. I have gone through this twice with the same results. Once thing I did check this time is the power cord and it is definitely heating up. The receptacle is fine, I checked that - It's the Washer. One other thing that I have noticed is a rattle noise that I have not heard before - but I've never really listened for noises, and so I am not sure if this is related. One other thing that I noticed was that when I was replacing the Motor Coupler, the rod that goes thru to motor seems to have a lot of play (seemed abnormal butmaybe that is how they are made).

Any ideas?

Thank you in advance for any insight that you might be able to provide.


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Sounds like you have a faulty motor, there should not be a lot of play in the motor shaft. If the motor locks up, it will draw a lot of current which is causing your cord to get hot and then it trips the thermal overload switch in the motor. After it cools it will reset allowing it to run again. I would also check the pump that's mounted to the motor to make sure it's not jammed.

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