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paul swets 01-28-2013 09:27 AM

maytag neptune won't turn off
I've had all the noted maytag problems fixed in the first 5 years.

mildew fix w/ new main control board; new motor w/MCC board.

new wax motor w/ R11 & Q6 repair.

Then the unit worked fine for 10 years.

Recently, we've had problems with not spinning and now intermittent stops during various cycles.

I researched several threads here (boy do you guys do a great service for us). I verified proper function of the spin enable switch, verified integrity of wiring harness common legs (W11 &W13) and cleaned water inlets screens. Whiled disassembled I cleaned drain and recirc piping, and bench tested the pumps.

While inside, I noticed that the MCC board repair done years ago, apparently reversed the wires going into the AC line filter. After reading the instruction sheet referenced for the repair(160220250), which said the left wire should be white, I switched the wires and reassembled everything.

Now the unit works fine except at end of cycle the relay on the main control board does not drop out (no end of cycle beep). I have to push the on/off button to stop it.

These anomalies do not appear related but what should I do first to isolate the problem? Put the AC filter wires back to white on the right, or try the old main control board that was replaced with the mildew repair?

What's the difference between the old board 00N20040307, and the newer one 00N20040309?

paul swets 01-31-2013 06:31 PM

putting the mcc wires back solved the turn off problem. the intermittent stoppage was caused by a compromised bleach valve. disconnected the bleach and softener valves ( never used them anyways). unit works fine.

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