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stevefoobar 01-27-2013 09:58 PM

Slow sticky leak underneath washing machine
I have a 13 year old Maytag stacked Neptune washer/dryer combo unit that has started to leak a thick sticky substance directly below the washer. I assume it's a slow leak because the thick sticky material (either soap or fabric softener I presume) was very tacky feeling and not wet at all. It started from a very small circle about the size of a quarter on the floor directly under the washing machine, then got wider and wider as it slowly dripped toward the wall in the direction of the slope of the floor I presume. The wall stopped the sticky flow.

I do not see any obvious water damage (bucking, warping, etc.) on the oak hard wood floor or wall where the sticky leak is occurring. I have been renting the condo that contains this washer for two and a half years and I'm on my second tenant. I'm pretty sure the floor was clean when I rented it to the first tenant two years ago but I have no idea when this leak started or if it was the first tenant or this current second tenant. I can't ask the first tenant any questions as they are long gone but this second tenant is a very careful person and meticulous and is probably doing nothing wrong and is likely using the correct detergent (HE), etc.

The sticky leak cleaned up easily with water but it did slightly stain the floor not that it matters because it's hidden under the washing machine.

My plan is to go back in about a month and pull the machine forward again to examine the floor for more leaking. I dread having to take everything apart myself to try and see what's going on since I've never done that before, although I'm very "handy" and have the right tools.

Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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