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alane720 01-22-2013 09:15 AM

Kenmore 80 Series not agitating or spinning
Our Kenmore 80 series, model 110.29852991, is not working properly. It fills and the knob runs through the cycle however, it does not agitate at all and it isn't spinning out properly. It sounds like it is spinning except there is several inches of water left in the bottom when it is done. We have checked the lid latch, the motor coupling and the pump. Any suggestions as to what it might be?

Simon / APP Team 01-22-2013 05:17 PM


Try if the washer will agitate and drain the water completely without the clothes.
Pull out the drain hose from the drain and check if there is a good water pressure.
Did you remove the drain pump completely and check the impeller?


alane720 01-23-2013 06:44 AM

It does not agitate without clothes but it did fully drain without them. The water pressure is good, we did check the pump out throughly. My husband is fairly certain at this point that it is the timer. He says the timer sounds like it is grinding and skipping as it changes cycles. I didn't mention in my orginal post that over the last month or so it has given us trouble a couple of previous times. It would just not agitate or spin as the knob ran through the cycle. Those first couple of times we spun the knob around a few times and just left it to run through the wash cycle and each time it would eventually start to operate at some point.

Simon / APP Team 01-23-2013 11:09 AM


If the motor is running but there is no agitation it's not the timer.
Set the timer for wash and when the motor starts push down on the agitator.
If you feel the shaft turning back and forth inside the agitator then most likely the lower agitator need to be replaced.
If you don't feel any motion - the transmission is bad.

Post the results.


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