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Coyote251 01-05-2013 04:13 PM

Washer was acting like it was off balance and now won"t go into high spin
Hello All, hopefully you can help me. First off I was doing a load of wash and the washer started spinning off balance. I took the sump apart and the trap was clogged so I hope that the off balance was just that the washer wasn't draining properly. Is that a possibility? Next problem when I got it all put back together and tried it it would not go into high speed spin mode. I read a few other posts and they suggested the door latch. i took it out and measured the resistance across the wax motor. It was 966ohms, one site said it should be 1500 but the paper inside the washer says the door solenoid should be 360(I'm not sure if that is the same part or a different one). I don't want to replace the speed controller or motor if i don't need to. Is the door latch a safe bet or is there other things I should check. From the pricing i have looked at locally the door latch is 75$, speed controller 235$ and the motor is 180$. If I ended up replacing all these parts I could have bought a new washer. Any help you can offer would be appreciated.

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