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There is grease under my 15+ year old washing machine, and I'm having trouble figuring out the source. I noticed

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Default Grease under washer--advice?
Model Number: WWA7050GAL   Brand: GE   Age: More than 10 years   

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There is grease under my 15+ year old washing machine, and I'm having trouble figuring out the source. I noticed the grease near a front corner when I run a load, so after trying to deny what I was seeing for several weeks, I've unhooked everything and pulled the washer away from the wall, and the entire floor underneath was covered in greasy oily gook. (It's been 12 long years since the washer's been moved.)

I cleaned up the mess, and took the back panel board off to investigate, because it doesn't seem possible to take the front-and-sides cabinet piece off without disassembling the entire washer. I haven't run it yet with the back off to try to see what's leaking, as I've read suggested in other threads. When I do this, I assume I should have the water hooked up like normal, right?

All of the hoses are firmly attached, I don't think there's a water leak (if there is, it's still small), and the greasiest parts of the interior were the interior of the metal piece that sits diagonally and seems to provide the main platform for the transmission and the tub assembly. Some of the interior looks like grease is spraying around the inside of the cabinet while it runs.

I'm looking for thoughts on how to diagnose the problem, thoughts on what part(s) I'm going to need to replace, and directions about how to disassemble and reassemble this thing.

I recently repaired its companion dryer, and with that success, I'd really rather fix this one too, as opposed to buying something new. Any assistance is gratefully received. Thanks!

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Default More info

I cleaned out the inside of the machine as much as I could, hooked the water back up and ran it on a small cold cycle, watching for any drips. There were none. After it was all done, I ran a paper towel around the bottom of the motor, and other parts that had previous been quite greasy and dirty, and there was nothing that appeared to be fresh oil. I'm letting it sit overnight and will check later to see if there are any new oil spots on the floor.

Is it possible that there is an infinitesimal spray of oil every time the washer runs, and what I finally noticed was the accumulation of 12 years of that?
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Unhappy The next day

Just before going to bed last night, I checked under the washer and there was one fresh drop of oil. This morning the drop was bigger, like one more drip had accumulated in the same spot. By later in the day, there was another small drip about 4-5 inches away from the first two.

I cleaned those drops up, and with a paper towel I checked to see if I could tell where they came from. The pump is situated below the tub, and under the pump is the wheel that drives the belt that spins the inner tub, and under the wheel and belt is the motor. There are a couple of screws under the wheel housing that I think attach it to the suspension assembly. Those screws were where the fresh oil was found.

This model seems like it's put together in a rather inaccessible way, so I really need some help figuring out what I need to fix and how to take it apart in a way that I can put it all back together again. Thanks for any thoughts!
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