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Mary Bridget 07-12-2012 11:03 AM

Gray spots on clothes from inside tub drain holes
A load of white clothes finished it's wash cycle and I noticed gray stains on the clothes where it was up against the sides of the tub. I pulled the clothes out and the spots matched the drain holes inside the tub. I ran my finger over one of the holes and it left a smear of "gunk" on my finger and the hole. I got a soft brush and brushed around the hole, once it was clean, the hole was actually smaller than it originally looked.

I used the brush around all the holes, which took time to do then I ran a cycle with just hot water and bleached (no clothes)...what was this stuff?

I have not run a load of clothes again, I am not sure if I should clean it with somthing else before I add clothes. And is there a way I can get the stains off the white clothes?

Can you advise?

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