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howiel671 04-22-2012 02:01 PM

SPIN only ENGAGES in SLOW setting
Kenmore Series 70 m/n 110.22702100 Clothes Washer
The washer is having trouble going into spin ONLY if the speed setting is on fast spin.
Speed settings “Hand wash/casual” (extra slow agitate/slow spin) and “Delicate” (slow agitate/slow spin) work fine, but “Normal” (slow agitate/FAST spin) and “Heavy Duty” (fast agitate/FAST spin) have a problem going into spin.
Agitation, rinse and soak, and water pump out are not an issue and it doesn’t matter what setting the washer is started from (ultra clean or permanent press) the timer.
THE PROBLEM; On the “fast” spin only (normal or heavy duty speed setting), as the water pumps out and when the spin is supposed to start (as water is pumped out) – The machine only makes the noise of spinning but does not spin (although the water does pump out). If the machine is stopped manually by pulling the timer switch or lifting the lid (pulling the screwdriver out of the lid switch), the tub seems to release and turns a half turn as if a brake is released. When it is turned back on, it spins just fine.
Another thing, it works just fine on the speed settings of hand wash/casual (extra slow agitate/slow spin) and delicate (slow agitation/slow spin), and if I turn the speed setting to normal or heavy duty during the spin – It does spins fast.

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